Tourist Attractions of Jammu & Kashmir

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pJammu and Kashmir is one of the major tourist hot spots in northern India. It is famous across the globe for its serene ans scenic landscapes and pleasant climate. Large number of tourists come here to explore the charm of' snowy peaks, exotic valleys and icy rivers. It is located amidst the Himalayan mountain ranges which blessed this place with number of attractions that promises an enthralling holidays. It is also a popular destination for adventure sports activities because of the majestic Himalayan mountain ranges. During Jammu and Kashmir tour tourist gets an opportunity to experience the mystic beauty of serene and scenic nature which enthrall them most. The major tourist attraction of this places are Houseboats This is one of the popular attractions of Jammu and Kashmir which offer a pleasant ride on Dal lake. The houseboat ride is the best way to feel the charm of beautiful lake and its surrounding attractions. Large number of people prefer houseboat ride because it is the best way to stay close with scenic nature. The houseboats are fully furnished which offers world class facilities to tourists during their stay. These boats are identity of this place which brings fantasy ofving on the water come true. Lakes of Jammu and Kashmir Lakes are the important features of Jammu and Kashmir. They are known for their outlandish natural beauty which captivates tourist attentions who come here for pleasurable holidays. Dal Lake and Nagin Lake are two most famous lakes of this place which are known for their breath taking beauty. Dal Lake is the most popular lakes in Kashmir. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains which heightens its scenic beauty. The banks of the lake are dotted with gardens which increases its scenic charm.' Wildlife of Kashmir Wildlife reserves of Kashmir are famous across the globe because of its unique and pristine ecosystem. The Himalayas and the sub Himalayan ecosystem blessed this place with an exotic breed of flora, fauna and avifauna species. The wildlife reserves are also known for its scenic landscapes which heightens the joy of safari. There are 5 wildlife sanctuaries in Jammu and Kashmir which nurtures 75 mammal species, 58 varieties of birds, 4 types of amphibians and 225 species of insects. Monasteries in Jammu and Kashmir Monasteries in Jammu and Kashmir are held in great reverence by Buddhist community. These monasteries are famous across the globe for its scenic locations, rich collections of Buddhist Thangka paintings, statues, idols, religious objects, art and artefacts. Monasteries are belongs to various orders or schools of Buddhism where monksved and practice their religious faiths. Scores of tourists Travel to Kashmir to explore the charm of natural wonders and cultural diversities. The serene and scenic Lakes of Jammu Kashmir is also famous for their adventure sports activities.